Hot dip galvanizing is a very effective method to protect steel against corrosion. The initial costs for galvanizing of steel is low, and since the life time without any maintenance is very long, the life time cost for galvanized steels is very advantageously in comparison with other corrosion protection systems.

Galvanized steel has a grey appearance, which harmonize well with the nature. If some other colour is preferred, it is possible to paint the galvanized surface, which except the colour also further improves the already very good corrosion protection of the galvanized steel.

Zinc is an essential metal which in small amounts is very important for most organisms. A human being needs approximately 15 mg per day, which means that the population around the world consumes about  30 000 tonnes each year.

Except for corrosion protection zinc is also used in medicine, alloys, rubber, zinc ingots, additions to animal feedings, as corrosion protection in paintings etc.

Zinc is also included in sun protection oils and healing ointment.

Take a look at the galvanizing process!

Zinc is often included in supplements and skin creams.