For hot-dip galvanizing specifications, quality requirements and test methods are given in the following international standard: EN ISO 1461 “Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles – Specifications and test methods”.

General requirements

According to the standard the coating quality, thickness, structure and physical and chemical properties are influenced by steel composition, mass and the conditions during the hot-dip galvanizing process. Requirements for information between galvanizer and customer are specified in a series of appendices to the standard.

Normally the minimum quality requirement regarding coating thickness and surface appearance are in accordance with EN ISO 1461.

To make it possible to fulfill these above requirements, the customer should inform the galvanizer about steel composition and desired coating thickness according to standard.

Article and its
Local coating
thickness (min)
Mean coating
thickness (min)
Steel > 6 mm
Steel > 3 – ≤ 6 mm
Steel ≥ 1,5 – ≤ 3 mm
Steel < 1,5 mm
Castings ≥ 6 mm
Castings < 6 mm

Fig. 1. Coating thicknesses required by EN ISO 1461: 2009.

Thicker coatings than required by the standard

In some cases, thicker coatings than those defined in EN ISO 1461 may be required. For example, in more aggressive environments or when extra durability is needed. In the Nordic countries thicker coatings may be ordered after agreement between customer and galvanizer. Information about how to achieve thicker coatings is given as a national appendix to EN ISO 1461.

In fig 2, the figures 115, 165 and 215 represent the coating thickness in micrometers at 6 mm steel thickness. In the two other columns, optimal and range values for silicon content which is required to achieve these thicker coatings are given.

Coating thickness group (µm)Optimal silicon
level (%)
Silicon range (%)
Fe/Zn 1150.180.15-0.21
Fe/Zn 1650.250.22-0.28
Fe/Zn 2150.320.29-0.35

Fig. 2. Optimal and range values for silicon when higher coating thicknesses are required.

Galvanizing of thin sheet steel

Thin sheet is hot-dip galvanized according to EN 10346;

“Continuously hot-dip coated steel flat products for cold forming — Technical delivery conditions”

thickness (min)
in g/m
2 *
thickness (min)
in µm**

Fig.3. Hot-dip galvanizing of thin sheet – coating thickness

* Coating on both side of a square meter.

** Coating in microns on one side of the sheet (only for information).

Branch standards

In Nordic countries, branch standards for the following aspects are given:

  • Finishing and renovation
  • Coating thickness control
  • Coating adherence testing

For products with threads, special standards exist. In these standards, information about undercutting of outer threads (screw) or over cutting of inner threads are given.

General delivery terms for subcontracted surface treatment through hot dip galvanizing: