Nordic Galvanizers is the association for hot-dip galvanizing companies in the Nordic countries. Together with the zinc producer New Boliden, who have plants in Kokkola, Finland and Odda, Norway, Nordic Galvanizers runs an information office in Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of the information office is to help users of galvanized steel with questions regarding surface treatment, corrosion, environment, education and technology.

Nordic Galvanizers perform research and development, work with environmental issues and and take part in international co-operation through EGGA, European General Galvanizers Association.

Customers and users of galvanized steel are welcome to contact Nordic Galvanizers to discuss all types of questions related to galvanizing.

The board of Nordic Galvanizers 2022                                   

(Uppdated Jan 2023)

The board of Nordic Galvanizers consists of eight people – two galvanizers from each country. In addition, there is also an alternate from each country. Chairman: Lars-Göran Tylebrink.

Board member: Company: Alternate: Company:
DenmarkHenrik Steen-Jørgensen
Niclas Adelsparre
Morten NygaardFyns Galvanisering
FinlandPekka Poutiainen
Ralf Sohlström
Recion Oy
Aurajoki Oy
Jorma Panula New Boliden AB
Norway Jarle Bjørdal
Geir Ove Salte
Vik Ørsta AS
NOT Varmforzinkning AS
Johnny Theigmann
Duozink AS
Sweden Jan Uhrberg
Lars-Göran Tylebrink
DOT Halmstad
DOT Eskilstuna
Tomas HällgrenGallac Produktion AB

Daniel Asplund represents New Boliden AB in the board.

Hot dip galvanizing history

1700The use of hot dip galvanized sausepans started in France.
1800In England hot dip galvanized sheets are used in ship building and for roofs. Hot dip galvanized nails are introduced at the market.
1837The modern hot dip galvanizing technique was born when a Frenchman, Sorel, introduced pickling with sulphuric acid as a pre-treatment step. He subsequently applied for his first patent on hot-dip galvanizing on 10th May 1837. The main part of the process that Sorel sought to patent is still used today.
1870The first nordic galvanizing plants started in Sikeå and Karlskrona.
1895Stockholm Galvanizing plant started.
1930Bablik wrote the first handbook in galvanizing, called “The bible of galvanizing”
1950Nordic Galvanizers Association was established by Danmark, Finland, Norge and Sverige.
1970Cooperation with the zinc producers started.