Nordic Galvanizers cooperate with many other organizations in both Nordic countries and in Europe.

European General Galvanizers Association – EGGA

One important partner is EGGA, European General Galvanizers Association.  EGGA a federation of the National Associations of most of the European Union Member States together with Norway and Turkey.

EGGA monitors and responds to issues affecting the general galvanizing industry in Europe, in particular environmental, technical and regulatory matters. EGGA also provides a platform for coordination of marketing and other initiatives for the industry.

Today, EGGA represents about 600 general galvanizing plants (mostly SMEs) employing an estimated 40,000 people in Europe. EGGA is our constant discussion partner on a number of issues and we have contact with them every week.

The International Zinc Association – IZA

The International Zinc Association represent the zinc producingcing industry globally. They have the mission to sustainably grow markets and maintain the industry’s license to operate through effectively managed initiatives in research and development, technology transfer and communication of the value of zinc. Nordic Galvanizers work together with them mainly in environmental related issues.

The Swedish Institute of Steel Construction and Norwegian Steel Association

Cooperation with steel construction companies is important for Nordic Galvanizers and we are members in both the Swedish and the Norwegian steel association.

The Swedish Institute of Steel Construction, SBI, believes that there are great benefits to society with increased use of steel and steel products. They are convinced that a sustainable society requires steel and have for more than 50 years worked with materials and competence issues that have contributed to an innovative and modern use of steel. SBI’s work and commitment is made possible, among other things, by connecting different types of stakeholders to the business. Stakeholders are companies that are involved in steel construction to varying degrees.


For almost a hundred years, MVR has worked and driven issues that developed and improved the mechanical engineering industry and steel construction in Sweden. They have a strong ambition to continue to develop their industry and through innovative thinking and different working methods, increase the competitiveness and ensure that the industry is attractive to customers, as well as to new generations of employees.

Metal Information – MITF

MITF is a forum for metal issues aimed to spread knowledge about metals and their impact on the environment.

All metal industries in Sweden collaborate within MITF:

  • Jernkontoret
  • Scandinavian Copper Development Association (SCDA)
  • Nordic Galvanizers
  • Swemin
  • IKEM ( Innovations- och kemiindustrierna i Sverige)

The purpose of MITF is to disseminate knowledge about metals and their impact on the environment. A strategically important part of the work is to create trusting relationships with authorities, politicians, companies and other stakeholders.

MITF is also working on disseminating the correct terminology on metals. A good example of this is the definition of a heavy metal which in itself has no links to hazard or environmental properties but merely describes that a metal has a high density (> 4.5 g / cm3) and that most metals are therefore heavy.

The collaboration takes place in project form.